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Residential Locksmith

Investing in a reliable locksmith is always a good decision for residential purposes because they help you secure your personal space.

Residential locksmiths are the first thing to consider whenever you get locked out of your house or you wish to repair or replace a key.  At Sunny Locksmith, we offer you on spot, locksmith services in Palm Beach and Broward Counties in South Florida.


We understand just how important it is to get services from a reliable locksmith, because it is a matter of residential security.

We therefore offer you the following services:

New Lock Installation

We offer new lock installation services for all kinds of residential spaces. Our locksmiths install the latest technology locks for you to provide ease in operation.


Extra/ Spare key Making or Key Duplication:

If you want a duplicate key for your residential space, our experts can get that job done. All you have to do is to provide the key you want to duplicate.


High-Security Locks:

Our locks are very high quality and unbreakable. You will not experience the lock being broken or unlocked by some trick.

Crisis Lockout Services:

If you locked your door and forgot the key inside, we can unlock your door for you.

Master Key:

Most people get tired of carrying around multiple keys, one for each lock. We can make that problem easy for you by creating a master key that can unlock all your locks.

Why Should You Choose Our Residential Locksmith Service?​

  • Our services are very affordable and low.

  • We reach you very quickly

  • Professional Team Members

  • Full Proof Services

  • No Compromise over quality



So do not wait any longer, contact us now to get a quick fix for all your residential locks.

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